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KING OF PANDA was started from a simple idea of CHOQY ( Guitar Vocal) and KOMPAS ( Synth) to start a band just for fun. at first they hired ESSA (bass). On Drums was filled by Keju ( ex drummer), because he was very bussy with his other band, he bailed out. And then we hired WAHYU as guitar and vocals, to fill in on Choqys lead vocal. 

As for the drum position, they held e few closed audition to find the perfect drummer for King Of Panda. And Finnaly, Kompas hired his old drummer from his old band to join. after they felt that chemistry, they ask GUNK DE to join permanently with king of panda. 

King Of Panda was officialy form in July 24th of 2008. in other words " King of Panutan Kawula Muda" , The king of Youngters, teens, being a role model for them in a positive way. KING OF PANDA are also often called KINOPAN. and our street team is KAWAND PANDA, meaning PANDA FRIENDS!!!

Their genre are POP PUNK HARDCORE, a mixture of pop punk and hardcore, wich in every song there are Breakdowns, Gang vocals,and Sing Alongs...

these are their song's list,
~ Outro
~ Rasa yang ada takkan pernah hilang
~ Me versus
~ Frienenmy
~ Bersukaria

~ Stereo
~ We are together
~ Outro
~ Intro
~ 12

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