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Lost Saga Introduction

Lost Saga Introduction

What is Lost Saga?

Lost Saga is an action-packed, 'beat-em-up'-style online fighting game that brings your favorite heroes from fantasy, history and science-fiction to life in an epic brawl for glory! Choose from over 50 unique heroes and customize their skills to fit your play style! Pick your battles with up to 15 other players in unique and treacherous terrain. 

Unique Features in Lost Saga

New unique Heroes are always being added.
  • So many Heroes to choose from! That’s right, with Lost Saga’s unique Hero system, we constantly add new heroes into the mix with unique skills and abilities to master.

  • Different Heroes can be split into different categories depending on the nature of their abilities such as ranged attacks, melee attacks, special attacks, etc.

  • Melee attack Heroes specialize in short-range attacks and use weapons such as knives, short spears or their fists to dash at enemies and take them out up close and personal.

  • Ranged attack Heroes use long-ranged weapons such as bows and guns which can lock onto enemies to ensure their impending doom!

  • Magic attack Heroes harness the power of the elements to inflict massive damage on unsuspecting enemies!

  • Special attack Heroes utilize special tools such as mines, bombs, missiles, etc. to strategically plan out their victory through advanced tactics!
Knock off your enemy’s gear and use it as your own.
  • “What? That’s my helmet!”
  • When you or your enemies lose their HP or take a heavy blow, they will drop one of their equipment pieces for any player to pick up by walking over and pressing the ‘A’ key. By picking up an enemy’s equipment piece, you will gain all the upgrades and benefits that come with that equipment.
  • Before picking up your enemy’s equipment to taunt them with, remember that by picking up whatever equipment piece they dropped, you’ll be replacing your own equipment for theirs and will lose any upgrades and benefits that you had on your equipment.

Switch in-between Heroes to extend your combos.
  • For all you skilled players out there, this one’s for you! With Lost Saga, you have the ability to switch in-between the numerous Heroes you own to continue your combos. Mix and match different Heroes and master the timing between your attacks and abilities to juggle your enemies and toss them off the map!
  • Before you jump into a game, set the order of your Heroes. Depending on the slot order you place your Heroes will determine which hotkey to press during your combos (Slot 1 = pressing the “1″ key to bring out that Hero, Slot 2 = pressing the “2″ key to bring out that Hero and so on).
  • Keep in mind that not all skills upon switching may not apply depending on the situation so be sure to test out the different combos in HQ!
Upgrade each of your Hero’s individual stats.
  • Although each player will have their own individual level (rank), it’s important to note that every Hero also has their own levels that you can increase by playing that Hero more frequently. If your Iron Knight level is 5, that level ONLY applies to your Iron Knight. By getting more levels on each Hero, you unlock Upgrade Points which you can use to increase that Hero’s attributes. Not only do you get an Upgrade Point upon leveling your Hero but you also get Pesos equal to 146 times the level you just reached (example: reaching level 9 on your Justice Defender will grant you 900 Pesos)! This can be done for every Hero!
  • Weapon Skill – Reduces the cooldown for your weapon skill.
    Armor Skill – Reduces the cooldown for your armor skill.
    Helm Skill – Reduces the cooldown for your helmet skill.
    Trinket Skill – Reduces the cooldown for your trinket skill.
    Attack – Increases your Hero’s basic attack damage.
    Defense – Reduces the amount of damage your Hero takes.
    Speed – Increases your Hero’s movement speed.
    Dexterity – Decreases your Hero’s fall damage.
  • There are also different ways in which you can upgrade each attribute. You can either choose to upgrade it immediately which takes Pesos (in-game currency) or only spend Upgrade Points but wait a set amount of time for the upgrade to complete.
Combine gear from various Heroes to create the ULTIMATE Hero!
  • Every Hero can be customized with different Helms, Armors and Trinkets but it’s important to note that a Hero’s Weapon cannot be changed. Mix and match different Helms, Armors and Trinkets to customize your Hero to have its own unique skill set!

What are the System Requirements?


What are the controls?


How do Skills Work?
  • Every Hero in Lost Saga is able to perform 4 powerful skills with their equipped gears. Once the skill gauge is fully charged, you may use the skills with a combination of the A, S, D keys.
  • It’s important to note that skills ignore the normal blocks and guards. Furthermore, there may be a slight skill delay (as well as possible invulnerability) upon activating the skill so be sure to time it wisely! Once you use a skill, the skill will go through a cooldown period in which the skill cannot be used.
  • A skills recharge or cooldown period is not only affected by that Hero’s upgrade level for that skill but by other factors as well.
  • - The Skill Gauge will recharge faster: When you knock someone off the map.
  • - The Skill Gauge will recharge slower: When dashing / When on the ground / While jumping / While aiming.

In-Game Currency - (G-Cash and Peso)
  • G-Cash and Peso are both in-game currencies used to buy items, style items, heroes, etc. in Lost Saga.
  • G-Cash is linked to cash and must be bought with real money and can only be purchased on the Lost Saga website.
  • Pesos are earned from battle, completing quests, relic hunting, fishing, etc.

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