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System Recruitment : 
2 GHz CPU, 512 MB RAM, 3D graphics card with 256 MB of memory.

Description :
Have you ever dreamt about handling a real train? Do you like to travel and discover new interesting places and picturesque sceneries from the locomotive’s cabin? If so, this simulator is your best bet! Here you will have a perfect chance to try yourself as an engine driver of a heavy freight train as well as high speed passenger train, go through exact copies of Ukrainian and Russian railway routes in the game version of the program that is nowadays used for train operator training by universities and railroad depots. High level of realisticness and real life contingencies makes ZDSimulator by far the most realistic train simulator. See it for yourself! If you want something improved you can tell us about it on the forum! We consider all suggestions and regularly release updates.
• If you are new to the train driver duties, «beginner» difficulty mode will help you start off with on-screen tips and hints. The game doesn’t require any special skills in this mode.
• If you are interested in locomotive’s inside mechanism and want to understand how it works, you will find gear units working and see electric circuit visualization.
• If you have previous experience of starting, driving and handling a train, «professional» difficulty mode will let you experience different and interesting scenarios: you may encounter various malfunctions and will have to troubleshoot them by arranging jumpers and wedging contacts etc. The simulator is highly educational. With its help you will have a perfect chance to widen your knowledge in physics and train mechanisms.

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