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Mode in Lost Saga

Boss Raid

Work together and defeat the boss!
Boss Raid mode up to 1 vs 15 War aka dagul mode. Randomly at the beginning of the user who is designated as the boss, the boss of KO to the Horde whenever power is getting stronger. KO when the boss, the next boss is determined based on the most at-bats or damage.
> Victory conditions 
– Death Time team boss handed KO when the resurrection is not
- If the team wins the boss handed to KO the boss in the Death Time
Boss if the boss Death Time to KO all opponents win
> <Red gauge Boss possibility Gauges> 
– Indicates the possibility to be your own boss, relative
Red gauge remains full Boss Boss KO:
Boss a lot of hitting, high damage, if the increase in coated
KO red gauge initialize (user never boss is maintained.)
> Blue gauge <Boss Power Gauge> 
– Up to 10 gauge, representing the power of your own boss steps (super bosses)
KO boss boss hunting team in the state, if one space in increments of + HP increase + a certain amount of time invincible
Boss getting KO when HP Regen grew stronger and invincible time decreases
Your own boss KO in the state, even if the boss gauge power save
Subsequently used the gauge when the next boss


You can not escape! 1:01 Sword penalty begins!
> Champion mode? 
– Challenger Champion VS 2-8 to specify the sequence number of the thrilling
War obscure the unfolding penalty is

> The basic rule
Rights as a moderator of the room, and generate initial default is 4 up to 8 expansion slots.
Invited champion and a moderator, the rest of the personnel randomly War sequence number is specified.
- War at the beginning of a mercenary in the selection window can be selected.
In addition, the challenges waiting to play mercenaries pre-selected to keep him.
- War will battle for 146 seconds.
Within the specified time relative to KO victory, or if there are a lot of stamina than your opponent when the timeout.
However, HP can be worn in accordance with the same equipment at the time of the champion and the challenger win, the
Capital equipment wear the same champion, will be shut down. Wooseseung
- When the War ends, are rewarded immediately EXP / Peso
Champions left () / right (Challenger) is the winner.


Died a hero revived!
Skull Heroic Monsters with artificial intelligence and the confrontation between cooperative players with the sort of PVE (Player versus Environment) mode is the mode in which the
Skeleton Hero Synopsis
Government troops and the rebels of the fierce war
Many went to their fallen hero.
The darkness was hiding in the chaos of war, gaining strength,
To revive the dying heroes.
Their will, regardless of …
Now need to start a new war.
A total of 60 levels of the dungeon
Skeleton hero mode Easy – usually> – to the level of difficulty of step 3, step-by-step 20 is present.
- 5 levels each step every time the advent of mid-level boss level 20, and the final boss monster will appear.
Admission to the first floor from the Trivial> class without restrictions, and anyone can participate, up to 2 people at the same time to participate, and
From the 21-storey position is usually a sergeant or more people up to 4 persons,
From the 41st floor to enter the difficulty of the bosses more than people up to eight players can participate simultaneously.
Skeleton hero Usually, if instead of the high difficulty of the difficulty to get more compensation can.
- Currently Readily> Usually, the difficulty of difficulty just been released.
> The basic rule
- Captives as prisoners mode and HP becomes 0, the player to drop the item, and all items falls.
- POW status player with a little bit of HP recovery through general attack other users will be freed.
However, drop out less HP on the map KO when the prisoner does not state intact KO.
Gold Monster Coin from prisoners or KO status, you can take part in the play again.
If you KO the monster or the monster of the profession-specific equipment, or physical recovery potions Potion of Restoration skill will degrade.
KO at the mid-level boss will recover all HP.
Another layer if KO wopeujon all the monsters on that floor will be generated, and the Reaper appeared.
<Difficulty in difficulty if it does not clear after the termination time round Stars ambassadors appeared.
- Reaper torture and chase around the player does not die, and higher level boasts a more powerful ATK.
- KO or captured by all players when the game ends.
> Monster Coin & Gold Monster Coin used
- Skull Heroic usually prestigious position monster coin, difficult> position 2 consumption.
- Monster Coin one payment every 2 hours, and up to six can hold up.
- The Online Coin in the game does not automatically paid.
- Gold Monster Coin resurrection of the battle, as well as game participation KO when used available.
- Gold Monster Coin purchase in stores or fishing as possible to acquire.


People instead grabbed spy items!
Fishing mode features added to the existing dialog Square in the Square / practice any map, regardless of the drop zone near the fishing can be enjoyed.
<> How to use the fishing mode
To fishing rod and bait from the store item purchase must.
Pressing the Square of ‘fishing’ icon in the drop zone near fishing mode is switched to the ‘fishing’ button is clicked, the fishing starts.
- If you move during the fishing, fishing will be canceled and click the button when you want to shut down the fishing icons or discontinued fishing suspended.
- Can you catch items for sale by clicking can get at the time of sale, depending on the type and grade of the items of pesos depends.

Gangsi Mode (Zombie Mode)

Do not look back, and ran toward the front of the La!
> Gangsi mode? 
River City River City does not start, and a person is Gangsi mode for a certain period of time, survival is the way to survival mode.

> Gangsi mode of operation 
– Gangsi case, move (arrow keys), and jump (A), attack (D) of the three kinds of operations.
However, compared to the survivors jump attack, fast moving speed and relative stiffness that
And is equipped with a powerful contagion that could infect the opponent.
Users of all attacks and skills can be used.
But it does not topple Gangsi of stiffening effect for a short period of time only could.

> Gangsi mode of victory conditions 
Once the game starts, a random person who Gangsi and
Will be dropped if infected or normal attacks to River City River City.
- If you turn it into the River City, River City team’s victory, and
Round Gangsi KO or be terminated until the remaining survivors Gangsi team defeat.

> Gangsi mode of additional rules 
– Gangsi drop damage does not apply.
- Gangsi the survivors of the mini-map does not appear, when the River City on the minimap locations of all users and Gangsi appears.

> Gangsi mode of the guide tip (TIP)! 
– It is recommended to repeat the attack and retreat, while maintaining a little distance is beyond the scope of the attack Gangsi survivors of
Also recommends first Gangsi other infections Gangsi much first catch because it is easy to handle.
Gangsi case of fast movement speed by intruding into place so that the survivors gather in an
Recommends to the success of the fast attack.
Many people Gangsi between rigid through a jump attack to attack if it is effective.

Hidden Crown

Defend the king for our team!
> Victory conditions
Crown for a certain period of time, occupies the first mode gauge to 146%, you create a win

> The basic rule
Mode, Hidden Crown, the team that occupies the crown of modes and increase the gauge, the gauge is full, get 1 point.
Located in the center at the start of the crown, if the king is falling while wearing the crown, the crown back to the starting position and return.
- Instead of getting the king petite running slow movement is impossible, winning a big impact on some of the skills are not available.
(Eg, Teleport, boosters, etc.)
- Hidden mode in the Crown to win the crown to protect your accounts, our team king of teamwork,
Sense ~ and to protect the the the appropriate MOVES counterattack king himself.

Monster Dungeon

Monster bout showdown! Victory in the confrontation with them
> Monster Dungeon mode?
- Up to four players with the teamwork made monsters occupied and fellow NPC
Titans victory by defeating angry Dryad.
Monsters of the dungeon way
Former two-room ‘Monster Dungeon: Deep Forest’.
- A maximum of 4 people and the room can be created, the degree of difficulty Easy, Normal, difficulties, master mode exists.
FACED – at the start, from the start, and the guardian tower near monsters and battle.
- Map Rare Monster Monster occupied two watchmen end 2, deep forests, Daphne, finally
And the final boss is angry dryer Suga exist.
- The occupation troops when the monster lair NPC Guardian article, The Guardian Archer Guardian Lancer
To help combat
+1 Increments the monster hunting all the nurturing figures.
- The starting point in the symbol of the HP when it is exhausted, will be defeated in the game.
- Resurrected after a period of time when the player KO.
- KO every time it hurt resurrection time is increased (increases up to 30 seconds)
Mode after the end of the mercenaries pieces and additives treasure card acquisition.    
Of play can be a challenge to give up.
> Monster Dungeon mode instead of the exit reservations can be a challenge abandon.
Abandon mark is imprinted challenge challenge abandon the HP gauge available to other users mark
If you choose this challenge a waiver participant power play is interrupted are rewarded.
Compensation defeat when the same level of compensation is provided. (Treasure card supplied)

> Monster dungeons only items released (store purchase)
HP potions: recover a certain amount of HP, Cool Time 15 seconds
SP radish / Employer / to / skill gauge network as one of the random potion: 146% charge, Cool Time 15 seconds
- Only available in the state who was the resurrection of aengkeu: KO KO who was immediately resurrected in 

[How to use]
Their HP gauge at the bottom of the slot placed four supplies
Placed in each slot, as follows: Di-fold, and the options can be changed using the

→ F: HP potions / G: SP potions / H: Resurrection of aengkeu
> Use the item by pressing the hotkeys.
→ potion items available at any time of the resurrection, and the cherry oversize KO is only available in the state.

> Piece / additives learned how to
Monster Dungeon mode after the completion of ‘treasure card’ mercenaries pieces and additives can be learned from the
Be learned from that piece of mercenaries Term mercenaries (09)
Gives a mercenary piece of equipment (fixed-term, permanent) Random
Piece of mercenary – The higher the value, the strengthening of the equipment to obtain an increase in the quantity
- Rare Mercenary / Equipment decomposition [additive] pieces acquired
Combination of inventory, all while using the learned pieces by the gift store.
Term item under 2 hours to acquire a piece of decomposition 0.
> Piece combination system
Mercenary piece and additives monsters in the dungeon mode obtained through mercenaries and equipment combinations.
Combination of success / failure when mercenaries pieces and additives are consumed.
- Combined there are a total of seven ways.
1 Recipe: ingredients persistent mercenary combinations [09 mercenary] can be obtained by combination.
2 Recipe: ingredients native mercenaries combination combination can be obtained [10] mercenaries.
3 09 equipment combinations Recipe: [Equipment 09] using a combination of materials can be obtained.
4 Recipe: The combination of the basic equipment [equipment] can be obtained by combination of ingredients.
5 Piece conversion Recipe: Mercenary pieces together, converted into another piece to acquire a piece (randomly determined.)
6 Specify changes Recipe: Mercenary pieces and additives, you want a piece of the conversion.
7 Recipe: Mercenaries and additive transition Peso converted into pesos.
Additive one peso per piece and is calculated as


Grab opponents lot ~!
> Victory conditions
Prisoners escape opponents power mode by default to create or drop by the resurrection as a prisoner to prevent his victory.

> The basic rule
- When HP drops to zero and drop all the equipment, a prisoner.
General line of attack to beat the same team then released prisoner user to play again can participate.
Captivity or less HP from falling off the map if the resurrection is not, therefore,
Must wait until the next round.

Power Stone

Let’s take up a stone ~!
Power Stone Power Stone mode exists at the start of the two Power Stone Power Stone, and our team from destruction, while keeping the opposing team must be destroyed first.
> Victory conditions
- Power Stone Power Stone to destroy the opponent’s victory, if we take the opponent to defeat ppaeatgimyeon
> Mode, the default rule
Power Stone glass around the defense team, thus increasing the speed of skill accounted somewhat.
- HP Power Stone themselves are slowly recovering.
- The other party is on our side when the power stone breaking our side, hitting the Power Stone and Power Stone HP increase, so
A quick judgment and adequate defense situation.
One KO resurrection, the resurrection time is slightly increased.

Relic Exploration

Looking for an ancient artifact hidden in the archaeological Thing ~!
> Relic exploration mode? 
Relic exploration mode that can be enjoyed anywhere in the Square is Square Play mode.
Wide spacious plaza map, dare not born of meat? Slacken, but challenge those who do not get to!
Square corners sweeping exploration alone or with friends, let’s's ~!

Excavated relics exploration unknown stuff .. Indeed, the identity of these?!!>
Relic exploration mode How to use 
Relic exploration mode in order exploration kit is required.
- Exploration Stores -> Special tab in the kit can be purchased.
‘Relic exploration’ button is pressed, Displays the distance of the artifacts and relics exploration window appears, at the bottom of the screen.
Excavated relics in a position as close as possible to the liver, and then ‘to dig’ button is pressed in the exploration window.
Artifacts unearthed in the success of the unique items or equipment can be obtained.
Immediate emotions, storage and sale items can not be excavated.
Exploration kit if you do not use more than a certain amount of time, exploration automatically terminate.
Unearthed when the booster is mounted automatically, double-jump (A) key can be used by pressing the
More personnel to participate in the exploration of relics excavated to increase the probability of success.
-Weighted size / terrain map of artifacts acquired during exploration in the item price will be applied.

Running Man

Outing Running Man Lost Saga!
> Victory conditions 
– Running Man prisoner escape mode based mode prisoners to hold all the opponents, or create

Drop if victory.
> The basic rule 
Mercenaries enter your nametag and Running Man.

Mercenary Dwarf Potion ate a small body shape changes.
- When HP drops to zero and drop all the equipment, a prisoner is back Running Man nameplate will be exposed.
General line of attack to beat the same team then released prisoner user to play again can participate.
Captivity or less HP from falling off the map if the resurrection is not, therefore,
Should wait until the next round.


Oh! Victory Korea ~!
> What football mode? 
The basic rules of football game football mode, combined Sagawa Lost
Distinctive character have an attack using their game is to put the ball relative to the goals of the team.

> Soccer mode, the basic rules of 
Divided the two sides of the field, the opponent team has put the ball on the team scored three first round exit, the final victory.
- In football mode, Horde attacks can not be.
- 0 for all basic attack / dash attack / skill attack.
- Death Time is reinforced when the ball’s flying attack at 02 degree (power) doubles.

Football mode using the> character traits utilize tips 
Mafia speakers using pistols dribble
- Long Pass Paladin hammer to hold D or powerful shot
Through the dribble-penetrating attacks Dash attack Saladin,
- Ninja scarves to pull the ball back pass
- Shaman using the dash attack centering
- Ice mage using ice explosion goalkeeper’s defense
- The counterattack through the Iron Knight jeomgong
In addition, to take advantage of a variety of attacks, you can enjoy a strategic football.

Team Deathmatch

To end fighting enemies colty!
To apply the rule of the most basic versus mode team deathmatch to the opposing team if more than a certain number of KO victory.
> Victory conditions
- Victory by KO to the Horde mode gauge to 146% before you create a

> The basic rule
– For a given amount of time, the opposing team if a lot of KO victories
- Death Time HP is fixed at 0
KO be KO at the resurrection, time whenever the resurrection of increase.

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